Accounting for Doctors & Medical Offices

Medical practices and doctors present some unique business, tax and asset protection challenges. Due to the Affordable Care Act, doctors find themselves seeing more patients, with less compensation and new record keeping requirements that use up valuable time.

This often results in the medical profession losing track of many important areas such as practice management, business planning, tax planning and asset protection, all of which allow for the accumulation of wealth and the ability to retire.

Our firm works with doctors and other medical professionals to make sure none of these important areas are overlooked and assist in the implementation of strategic planning for both medical practices and medical professionals.

Today’s doctors are working harder than ever before, dealing not only with patients but also with insurance companies and more regulation than ever before. All of this means that it’s more important than ever to treat the business of medicine like a business, do proper tax planning and protect the assets accumulated by the doctor.

Need a financial check up for your medical office or your life? We can help.

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