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Tax Forms


Tax Forms:

Tax Q&A

Tax Questions & Answers – Need an answer to a tax question or what if? Here is your chance to ask one of our professionals. You can also use this Blog to tell us your tax story good or bad. We want to hear your ideas, questions, and concerns. We will also use this space to keep you up to date on the latest information coming from the IRS, Congress, and other sources about taxes.

Bookkeeping Q&A

Bookkeeping Questions & Answers – Basic bookkeeping can keep you out of trouble, help you increase your profits, and lower the cost of having your tax returns prepared.  It can also be a little confusing from time to time. Need help choosing software for your business or knowing how to handle a transaction, here is your chance to ask our experts. Have a story about bookkeeping good or bad share it with us.  We could always use a few laughs and might even shed a tear if your story is sad enough.

Business Q&A

Business Questions & Answers – We always tell our client’s that if they have a question and don’t know who to ask, start by asking us.  After plus 25 years of owning, building, and helping other business owners to succeed we have accumulated a lot of knowledge which we are happy to share. We may not have the answer you want or even know the answer but if we don’t we can probably tell you where to look for the answer you need.

Wild Cards

Wild Cards & Other Stuff – Have something to say and not sure where to say it, this is the place. We want to hear about you and your business. What are you doing that is working for your business?  What have you tried that did not work? Have a story about a customer, employee, or fellow owner that you want to share, this is the place. Feel free to change the names to protect the innocent and the guilty.

Filing Deadlines

2008 Filing Deadlines

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Filing Required

January 15, 2008

Due date for the fourth installment of 2007 individual estimated tax.

January 31

Employers must furnish W-2 statements to employees. 1099 information statements must be furnished by banks, brokers, and other payers.

January 31

Employers must file 2007 federal unemployment tax returns and pay any tax due.

February 28

Payers must file information returns (such as 1099s) with the IRS. (Deadline if filing electronically is March 31.)

February 29

Employers must send W-2 copies to the Social Security Administration. (Deadline if filing electronically is March 31.)

March 3

Farmers and fishermen who did not make 2007 estimated tax payments must file 2007 tax returns and pay taxes in full.

March 17

2007 calendar-year corporation income tax returns are due.

April 15

Individual income tax returns for 2007 are due.

April 15

2007 partnership returns are due.

April 15

2007 annual gift tax returns are due.

April 15

Deadline for making 2007 IRA contributions.

April 15

First installment of 2008 individual estimated tax is due.

June 16

Second installment of 2008 individual estimated tax is due.

September 15

Third installment of 2008 individual estimated tax is due.

October 15

Deadline for filing your 2007 individual tax return if you received an extension of the April 15 deadline.

January 15, 2009

Fourth installment of 2008 individual estimated tax is due.

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